The Makeup Show Chicago Recap

 The  Makeup  Show  Chicago,  which  took  place  on  November  12th  and  13th  at  Revel  Fulton  Market,  was  back  for  its  6th   year  as  the  largest  yet  pro-­‐driven  beauty  event  in  the  Midwest.  The  most  successful  show  to  date,  The  Makeup  Show  Chicago  brought   over  4,500  aKendees  and  delivered  an  inspiring  weekend  of  creaMvity,  educaMon,  and  opportunity  to  the  Chicago  area.    

Photo Credit: Jeremy Franklin, Photographer

Photo Credit: Jeremy Franklin, Photographer

Pro  arMsts  and  makeup  enthusiasts  came  together  for  the  show,  where  they  were  able  to  shop  more  than  70  beauty  brands  at  exclusive   show-­‐only  prices,  sit  in  on  an  inspiraMonal  lineup  of  keynote  speakers  and  seminars,  network  with  top  industry  execuMves,  and  fill  their   kits  with  some  of  today’s  most  cuRng  edge  products.  Guests  were  also  able  to  refine  their  skill  set  by  aKending  a  variety  of  hands-­‐on   workshops  and  interact  one-­‐on-­‐one  with  some  of  today’s  leading  celebrity  arMsts.  
“We  were  thrilled  to  bring  back  The  Makeup  Show  Chicago,  which  showed  record-­‐breaking  numbers  at  its  new  locaFon  at  Revel  Fulton   Market.  It  was  a  wonderful  opportunity  for  arFsts  and  students  alike  to  network  with  others  in  the  makeup  community,  learn  new  skills,   and  ulFmately  help  build  their  careers.” -­‐  Shelly  Taggar,  Owner  of  The  Makeup  Show.  

                                       The  Makeup  Show  Chicago  Highlights    
The  Makeup  Show  Chicago  featured  over  70  top  pro-­‐focused  brands  including:    Diamond  Sponsor  MAKE  UP  FOR  EVER,  PlaMnum  Spon-­‐ sor   Crown   Brush   and   TEMPTU,   Silver   Sponsor   NARS   CosmeVcs,   ContribuMng   Sponsors   Pinnacle   CosmeVcs,   Anastasia   Beverly   Hills,   and  GlamcorTec,  SupporMng  Sponsor  MUSTAEV,  and  School  Sponsor  Make  Up  First  School  of  Makeup  ArVstry.    Other  brands  in  aKen-­‐ dance   included   Kat   Von   D   Beauty,   Embryolisse   USA,   Ellis   Faas,   INGLOT   CosmeVcs,   Kevyn   Aucoin,   Mehron   Inc,   Senna   CosmeVcs,   among  many  others.    
The   Makeup   Show   Chicago   featured   a   rare   lineup   of   keynote   speakers   by   some   of   today’s   top   celebrity   makeup   arVsts.   Notable   keynotes  included  those  by  Gregory  Arlt,  Mario  Tricoci,  Danessa  Myricks,  Yaneek  Proctor,  Michael  DeVellis,  Vivian  Baker,  and  James   Vincent.  Each  of  these  arMsts  shared  their  secrets  to  success  and  favorite  techniques  in  inspiring  keynotes  and  demonstraMons.      

AKendees  also  had  the  rare  opportunity  to  see  Kat  Von  D  at  her  first  ever  appearance  at  The  Makeup  Show  Chicago.  Kat  held  a  Q  &  A   keynote  session  on  Sunday  that  provided  aKendees  with  amazing  insight  into  her  cra^  and  incredibly  successful  brand,  Kat  Von  D  Beau-­‐ ty.  Not  surprisingly,  Kat’s  standing  room  only  appearance  was  packed  to  the  raZers!    

In   addiMon   to   amazing   brand   releases   and   exclusive   keynote   sessions,   The   Makeup   Show   Chicago   was   host   to   a   number   of   hands-­‐on   workshops  lead  by  industry  leaders.  SOLD  OUT  workshops  included  Danessa  Myricks’ “Emphasis  Eyes” and  Orlando  SanVago’s  “Un-­‐ derstanding  Color  Theory  and  Color  CorrecVon” and  “Fundamentals  of  Complexion  and  Contour.”    
About  The  Makeup  Show  

The  Makeup  Show  is  owned  and  produced  by  Metropolitan  Pavilion  and  travels  internaFonally  from  LA,  NYC,  Chicago,  Europe,  Dallas,  and  Or-­‐ lando.    Bringing  each  desFnaFon  a  unique  convergence  of  arFsts  and  community,  where  beauty  professionals  are  sure  to  find  an  arFsFc  ener-­‐ gy   that   will   inspire   any   beauty   buff,   from   the   passionate   beginner   to   the   seasoned   professional.      Each   show   offers   an   unparalleled   lineup   of   educaFon  and  appearances  from  top  beauty  professionals  and  focuses  on  career  building  and  networking  within  the  makeup  community.    The   show  provides  a  unique  experience  for  the  makeup  professional  to  network  directly  from  the  best  in  the  business.    For  a  complete  list  of  show   dates  and  schedule  of  events,  please  visit    

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