Stylin' & Profiling: Elaine Rau of

Name: Elaine Rau

Profession: Founder and CEO of

Favorite Color: Pink & Red

Least Favorite Color: Grey

Style Description: I’m obsessed with pencil skirts, Asian fashion and knee-length skintight dresses with long sleeves lol!

Style Icon: Jennifer Lopez for everyday wear – she is always classy and chooses outfits that are very flattering because they always accentuate her body and Rhianna for a night out – she is always different, eccentric, bold and wild!

Favorite Designers/Brands: I am not really a brand-loyal girl. If I like it, I buy it! I enjoy shopping online on Aliexpress so I don’t have to physically sift through clothing. I love bold colors, interesting patterns, good seam lines that help accentuate a woman’s form and stretchy fabric.

Least Favorite Designers/Brands: I really don’t like when two colors or two patterns that don’t go together are paired together! Clashing is the worst!

Favorite Shoe Style: I wear platform wedges and stilettos only. I love the feeling it gives me. When I was a National Sales Manager in the wedding industry in Chicago, I wore them every day and really believe that it helped with sales, or maybe it was just with my confidence, I couldn’t have done the job without my platforms lol.

Least Favorite Shoe Style: Little wedge sandals. If you are going to have a heel, HAVE a heel, if not don’t even bother with a little boost, it isn’t even worth it.

What You Love to Wear: My favorite outfits are my body contouring, bold-colored dresses. They make me feel invincible when I walk around. Another of my favorites is a cute crop top paired with a pencil skirt that rests on my waist perfectly.

What You Hate to Wear: I don’t wear plaid or flannel.

What You are Afraid to Wear: Anything that you can’t wear a bra with – I can’t go braless, it makes me feel unsafe! Haha!

What is Work Appropriate/Your Typical Workplace Attire: Depends on the job, as of right now I work from home so a super thin worn out comfy V-neck shirt paired with some fluffy slippers and no pants!!!

Do You Like to Accessorize (Jewelry, Scarves, etc.)? I used to accessorize more, but I these days I just stick to my favorite three pairs of Chanel earrings and rotate them depending on the color of my outfit, if nothing matches then no earrings.

Favorite Stores/Boutiques: I actually really enjoy thrift stores, those are my ‘boutique’ you can find so many different things there from all seasons and styles and fashion. What I like to do is recreate and modify the items of clothing I buy and turn them into articles of clothing that are current and relevant to the popular fashion at the time.  

Style/Fashion Tips and/or Advice: If you like it, wear it!

Stylish Aspirations: I generally follow the trend that is currently hot and choose the styles that best fit my body, or modify the style in a way that works for me.

Fall/Winter Style Must-Have: A fuzzy vest!

Follow Elaine on Instagram  @ladybossblogger

Follow Elaine on Instagram @ladybossblogger