Stylin' & Profiling:  Natalie Mazzarella Poulakos of Wear You Are Now

Name: Natalie Mazzarella Poulakos

Profession: Publicist at SKOOG Productions + Blogger and Content Creator at Wear You Are Now

Favorite Color: I have always had a soft spot for bright sapphire blue. It reminds me of the ocean and my time spent living abroad in Greece.

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Least Favorite Color: My least favorite color to wear is orange, but I do appreciate it in nature during fall.

Style Description: Trendy classic.

Style Icon: Diane Keaton, Jenna Lyons, Olivia Palermo and Iris Apfel- today, tomorrow and always.

Favorite Designers/Brands: Zara, H&M, LOFT, ASOS and J.Crew are where I snag most of my every day clothing. You can almost always find me in a pair of J Brand jeans or Mother Denim, but my most treasured pieces are the one-of-a-kinds I’ve discovered during my travels.

Favorite Shoe Style: Black heeled booties and old school sneakers (think Converse and Adidas).

Least Favorite Shoe Style: Platform wedges. They just never do it for me!

What You Love to Wear: Distressed denim, stripes, a classic black blazer and red lipstick.

What You Hate to Wear: Anything that makes me hot or uncomfortable.

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What You are Afraid to Wear: Nothing. Life is too short to wear boring clothes!

What is Work Appropriate/Your Typical Workplace Attire: Working in a creative industry has afforded me the opportunity to play a lot with self-expression within my work wardrobe. It’s important I still put my best professional foot forward, but getting to do it without worrying about being too trendy makes daily dressing so much more fun! On most days you can find me in jeans, a jacket, a graphic t and heels, or a dress and a pair of booties. For client events, I don the publicist uniform of all black everything.

Do You Like to Accessorize (Jewelry, Scarves, etc.)? I absolutely do! Accessories help fully pull together a look- like adding a ribbon to an already beautifully wrapped package. What I choose that day fully depends on my mood, but it’s a rarity to find me without at least a pair of earrings or statement glasses. Though I must admit, my absolute favorite is a classic hat. From berets to bowlers, you can bet I have it in my closet. Hats make me feel instantly more sophisticated and are perfect for combatting bad Chicago hair days!  

Style/Fashion Tips and/or Advice: Fashion is a form of self-expression. Have something to say and stand behind it!

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Stylish Aspirations: I’ve always wanted a reason to wear a ridiculously voluminous ball gown. A girl can dream, right?

Fall Style Must-Have: Over-the-knee boots and a camel coat.

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*All images are courtesy of Marian and Gus Photography

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