Doing Good, Looking Good, & Feeling Good in Joriki Yoga

Joriki is a high-end brand of unique yoga apparel. Social consciousness is the fabric of our brand, and a portion of the proceeds from each sale goes to support a carefully selected set of organizations that fight global poverty. We draw our inspiration from around the world, and with each purchase, our customer will be giving back into those communities that desperately need assistance.

Joriki is the strong, individual power that arises when the mind unifies in Zazen concentration. This unique focus enables instinctive action. The yogi who has developed Joriki is free and in control of herself and her circumstance. #LookForwardGiveBack


         Inspiration from Around the World

We have traveled the world to bring you a collection of designs inspired by patterns rich with culture and history. Our wanderlust has taken us all over Southeast Asia, from deep in the Himalayas where the jagged terrain inspired our patterns, through Bhutan where we encountered the ancient textile traditions carried on by generations of women.

Joriki transcends the norm with stand-out accents from different countries and cultures from around the world.


Stay Stylish Chicago,