The Rachel Andrea Collection


                                           About The Rachel Andrea Collection

Once upon a time, a girl mixed the power of positivity and beads. Then something happened...

I am a self-taught jeweler and optimist. I create jewelry for you to help make your best moments in life the happiest and most vibrant.

By infusing my passion for life and positivity into each of my creations, I've found that my signature style (boho-chic if you'd like to call it that) is what spoke to both me and those who wore my jewelry. That is why I have created 3 additional collections alongside to help you find that piece that will share your light with the world. All 4 are listed below:

*Signature - your everyday favorite piece that reminds you of your inner-spark to reflect into the world.
*Minimalism - to show that there is beauty in simplicity.
*Festival and Cosplay - for the optimistic soul that seeks the positive in everything and strives to make their dreams a reality.
*Wedding - for one of your life's biggest moments!

My mission is to help you shine your light in this world by spreading positivity with the jewelry that your wear through any life event: marriage, work, festivals, gifts, school, conferences, ANYTHING.

So what the heck does it mean when you read my listings and each says "profits support a more positive world"!? I'm happy you asked!

My collections thrive on spreading positivity and light. I love to give back and have recently began to work with non-profit organizations by making jewelry for their cause. My first organization I've worked with, Bella Soul, just opened their Etsy shop where we collaborated on their bracelet designs! Go check them out here:

I am always wanting to work with other wonderful souls who strive to make this world a better place. I would love for you to reach out to me if you have an interest in working with me!

Therefore, I am excited to see which piece you feel suits who you are the most. Which piece suits you most? Or, do you have a creative idea? I would love for you to share your idea and request a custom order. Shop the full collection HERE!


Stay Stylish Chicago,