Styling Your Pics: Basic Invite

Every girl knows what it’s like to try and style the perfect outfit. It’s super stressful to try and figure out how you should do your hair, makeup, and of course, what to wear. The stakes are even higher when you’re trying to decide what to wear for your graduation invitations. Fear not, we’ve got everything you need to know to plan the perfect outfit for your grad invites or any other important occasion.


First, you need to know where you’ll be taking your graduation photos. You’ll want your outfit to match the venue. This girl took her photos against a grey concrete backdrop. Her black jacket and studded and jewelry really stand out in her photos.

Or take a look at this graduation invite. This girl’s white shirt looks great against the green and brown from the trees behind her. The natural lighting in the photo is a win too.

It’s not enough for your outfit to compliment your background though. You also want you graduation announcement to match your personality. This guy has done just that with his adventure themed announcement and his wild, woodsy outdoor photo. You can tell he’s got a soul made for the unknown and chases excitement every chance he gets.

Now that you know how to style your graduation invites, you have to choose the right invitation. One that reflects your personal style and tastes. Stationery company Basic Invite has quite a few option to choose from.



They’ve got monogram graduation invitations or elegant graduation invitations for a chic, classy look. Or you can get rustic or vintage invites for a more rugged, down to earth feel. They even have foil graduation cards! All of their invites are completely customizable with nearly unlimited colors, so you can choose the font and colors that perfectly match your outfit in your photos. If you go with a foil invite, you can choose between gold, silver, and rose gold options. With instant previews of your invites online, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting before you even hit order.


Basic Invite also does custom samples. For those of us who want to actually see what we’re getting, you can order a printed sample of your invite to check paper quality and see how it will print out before you send your invites to everyone you’ve ever spoken to. You’ll be able to make doubly sure your invites are the best in town.


Not only are their invites customizable, their envelopes are too. With over 40 different colors to choose from, your envelope can match your invite perfectly. All of their envelopes are peel and seal so you don’t have to spend hours licking and sealing your invites the hard way.



To make sending out your invitations even more simple, Basic Invite has an address capturing service that can print out addresses on envelopes at no extra cost. Simply share a link on social media and request your friends and family input their info. The addresses will be stored into your account and can be selected during the invite design process. Just like that, you’ve got the hardest part of sending out invites done!


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So find your perfect outfit, the right venue, and your favorite grad invite and get ready to send out the best dang graduation announcements your friends and family have ever seen!

Stay Stylish Chicago,