J'adore Kavador

                                        About Kavador

Kavador is a luxury online marketplace that provides consumers with unique access to exceptional fine jewelry sourced from the vaults of the best independent fine jewelry retailers, designers and collectors in the US at the best value. Kavador knows that fine jewelry consumers have an appetite for jewelry that is interesting and different as well as a desire to support small independent businesses, so curate stunning collections of bold and beautiful, new and vintage pieces from jewelers across the US.  Every pieces is hand selected for its beauty and quality of craftsmanship and all pieces are inspected by Kavador’s team of GIA certified gemologists and are shipped with a valuation document with a detailed description of the piece including a valuation.  As an online only store, Kavador have lower operating costs than traditional stores and pass those savings onto consumers so every piece on the Kavador website is priced at least 20% below it’s in-store retail price.   Kavador only stock one of each piece, many of which are one-of-a-kind, so if you love it, make it yours as they can’t get it again!

*Shop Kavador JewelsOnline Here: http://www.kavador.com/


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