Snuggly Winter Accessories by 144 Stitches

The Story

144 Stitches is my baby. My vision. My way to share my passion. Since childhood, I’ve always loved fiber and texture. With deep New York City roots, I’m a rough around the edges goofball who discovered joy and happiness in a ball of yarn and am on a mission is to get the world into handmade cozy one stitch at a time.

For me, creating handmade fiber products is a deeply intimate & personal process. More than just the stitching, I take careful consideration when sourcing the raw material for each design. Before deciding on which fiber or material will be used for any creation, I think about how it will be worn and how will the finished product meet your needs and will be stylish for YOU my customer.

I have always bucked the system a little and been a rebel in my own way. So of course my design process is not standard. Completely opposed to most industry or common approach, I actually begin the design process with stitch work, on paper. I take my graph paper notebook and visualize stitch flow and the texture of the fabric which leads me to a sketch and then I begin working the fabric and letting the pattern take shape. Sometimes designs come together seamlessly and quickly and sometimes it is a long and laborious process. Whichever it is, each customer can be assured the final piece was made with personal dedication, putting love and care into crafting every stitch by hand and every step of the process.

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Stay Stylish Chicago,