Styling & Profiling: Amanda Elliott of Windy City Cosmo

Name: Amanda Elliott

Profession: B2B Marketer and Lifestlye Blogger

Favorite Color: Red for lips and nails. Black or grey for clothes. Nude for shoes.

Least Favorite Color: all shades of green besides a good moss

Style Description: Whimsical, comfortable yet stylish. I like to be able to say yes to any opportunities that excite me. I've probably done more things in heels than most women. I like to experiment with my style. I use to only wear dresses and heels but this past month I've incorporated dark denim and white sneakers. I like new cutouts and textured clothes but I don't mess too much with color or patterns. I like to look pulled together and it's easier to do with a black, white and grey wardrobe.

Style Icon: Kylie Jenner (minus her Kylie Shop stuff and bikinis)

Favorite Designers/Brands: Rachel Roy, Tom Ford, Vera Wang, and Lauren Conrad, Ann Taylor

Least Favorite Designers/Brands: The Gap

Least Favorite Shoe Style: basic sneakers. I hate suits and Nike's. What a waste.

What You Love to Wear: dresses with jackets

What You Hate to Wear: pants and socks oh, and brackets.

What You are Afraid to Wear: white pants. I know it's a thing here but I just can't. Oh and silk dresses and crop tops.

What is Work Appropriate/Your Typical Workplace Attire: I'm playful/professional. I like to keep a blazer on my chair. However I like to have my girly days with sun dresses and open toed shoes. My heels always tend to be 4" so I'm pretty statuesque.

Do You Like to Accessorize (Jewelry, Scarves, etc.)? I like statement earrings and subtle necklaces if I'm wearing jewelry. I always wear the same ring on my right hand. And I think handbags should be more functional than pretty. I always carry a book in my purse.

Favorite Stores/Boutiques: Macy's, Banana and The Limited. Those are clutch.

Style/Fashion Tips and/or Advice: Go shopping with a patient friend who will tell you how things look. Also, get a stylist. I worked as a stylist at Ann Taylor and my fashion game and style was on point because my boss transformed me. Looking good and wearing clothes for your body type is so important. Never think: how can I hide my body. Just think about your assets and how to enhance them. I.e. I like my legs so I started wearing dresses. One last tip: don't overlook undergarments. They can make or break your outfit.

Stylish Aspirations: Gel nail polish has helped me with my chipped nail taboo. To have a nice blowout and master contouring would be clutch.

Spring Style Must-Have: In Chicago, a rain coat. I got mine from Nordstrom and wore it to Paris Fashion Week. A nice, water proof, hooded coat is vital. 

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Stay Stylish Chicago,