Comfy Ruffles with Livotte London

                                       About Livotte London

Beth Pollak

After studying fashion design at FIT, Beth Pollak spent 5 years in Lucky magazine’s fashion department developing the relationship between reader and retailer. From editorial she moved to wholesale, where she spent several years growing denim and t-shirt brands, Beth’s every day uniform. Becoming frustrated with the lack of design innovation and quality of t-shirts in the marketplace, Beth knew this would have to be her next venture.

Delphine McNeill

Delphine McNeill went from producing runway shows in NY, Paris and Milan to working in-house on pr and private sales for the NY based label, Tuleh. When Barneys New York began their expansion plan they brought in Delphine as head of Special Events for new store openings, designer, charity, press and influencer events. After 7 years and a move to the UK, she met her future business partner and knew they were an unstoppable team.

And Together

Together, the fashion veterans are committed to bringing locally sourced and made sophisticated cotton jersey tops to women across the globe. Their aim is to make dressing well effortless.

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