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Stylin' & Profiling// Michelle Elfvin of Chicago Mom Goes Suburban

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Stylin' & Profiling// Michelle Elfvin of Chicago Mom Goes Suburban

 Name: Michelle Elfvin

Profession: Writer/Blogger @ChicagoMomGoesSuburban on social media, and at Chicago Parent.

Favorite Color: Rosé. Or champagne. Or Merlot. All very important colors for moms. 

Least Favorite Color: Brown. It washes me out!

Style Description: I have 3 sons, so I need to be able to run a hundred yard dash (for a coffee), stroller stride in style, meet a mom for more coffee, and head to meet a boutique owner (hopefully fully caffeinated) at any given moment of the day. Functional, comfortable (washable!) and chic isn't always my favorite look, but it's necessary! 

Style Icon: Olivia Palermo

Favorite Designers/Brands: Miu Miu always carries fun accessories, and pairing high-end designer items with brands like Threads for Life (organic cotton t's) is an easy way to create an effortlessly chic personal style. 

Least Favorite Designers/Brands: Anything labeled "Dry Clean Only" will either accidentally get thrown in the washer anyways, or will immediately get red smoothie (and by smoothie I mean wine) spilled on it. 

Favorite Shoe Style: A stylish Nike is my jam. Or over-the-knee flat boots (with skinny's and an oversized sweater so I don't go all Pretty Woman on my suburb.)

Least Favorite Shoe Style: Squared-toe shoes or knee-high boots. Both are so awkward on me.

What You Love to Wear: Anything in neutral colors, especially grays. I love to pair clothing in shades of one color, like light gray skinny jeans, a darker gray top, and maybe a cozy cream sweater to pull it together. Finish the look with ankle booties and a coffee and I'm ready for anything!

What You Hate to Wear: Spike heels.

What You are Afraid to Wear: Spike heels.

What is Work Appropriate/Your Typical Workplace Attire: I'll usually have a baby in one arm and a coffee in another while I write from my home office... Generally, I will also accessorize with cereal in my hair, or peanut butter on my back. But I rarely leave home like that--- 

Do You Like to Accessorize (Jewelry, Scarves, etc.)? Besides for the cheerios I'll find in my ponytail on occasion, pom-pom hats and scarves with fringe are my go-to winter accessories... I live in them!

Favorite Stores/Boutiques: Anything local to Oak Park/River Forest; Sanem's, Muse, Trends, Gem Jewelry... I'll also stalk Edrop-off's eBay store when I need a designer fix.

Style/Fashion Tips and/or Advice: Follow some of your favorite fashion inspirations on social media. See how they pull themselves together everyday. It's impressive! Be inspired to step outside of your fashion comfort zone, but don't CHANGE your style for anyone. Do you, and wear with confidence.

Stylish Aspirations: I could watch makeup tutorials for days. I would love to rock a mean winged eyeliner... Without looking like I applied my makeup in the dark

Winter Must-Have: Fringe. Especially scarves and bags. 

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Stay Stylish Chicago,