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Stylin' & Profiling: Jaclyn Mitgang//SoulCycle

Katie KatieComment
Stylin' & Profiling: Jaclyn Mitgang//SoulCycle

                      Stylin' & Profiling

Name: Jaclyn Mitgang


Profession: SoulCycle Instructor


Favorite Color: dark red


Least Favorite Color: orange


Style Description: a bit tomboy, a bit teenager, fun.


Style Icon: kat von d  


Favorite Designers/Brands: fred perry, lululemon, and silence + noise


Least Favorite Designers/Brands: I don’ think I have one!


Favorite Shoe Style: Vans or Frye boots


Least Favorite Shoe Style: heels


What You Love to Wear: slinky t-shirts and patterned pants/jeans, plaid.


What You Hate to Wear: skirts


What You are Afraid to Wear: white pants


What is Work Appropriate/Your Typical Workplace Attire: lots of lululemon, lots of socks from american apparel, and a SoulCycle shirt that I’ve cut up myself.


Do You Like to Accessorize (Jewelry, Scarves, etc.)? I rarely wear jewelry but I love the way it looks on other people. my tattoos are my favorite accessory.


Favorite Stores/Boutiques: topshop and urban outfitters


Style/Fashion Tips and/or Advice: really make sure you’re comfortable - your style is not just about what you wear, but how you wear it.  it should make you feel good.  


Stylish Aspirations: I honestly need a good day of shopping.  A lot of the stuff I own is for working out - I want to have a closet that is just as full with clothes that aren’t work related.


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     Stay Stylish Chicago,     Katie


Stay Stylish Chicago,