Stylin' & Profiling: Alma Steger of Alma & Co.

                      Stylin’ & Profiling

Name: Alma Steger

Profession: Founder/CEO of Alma & Co.

Favorite Color: Alma & Co. Blue (a gray/purple blue)

Least Favorite Color: I like all colors, but in different applications. I gravitate towards black and jewel tones for my wardrobe and I like bright, happy colors for my surroundings.

Style Description: My style changes with my mood, as well as the occasion. I tend to lean towards a style that can be described as classic, with flair.

Style Icon: I draw inspiration from many women, but I'd be very happy with Blair Waldorf's closet (minus the headbands).

Favorite Designers/Brands: I like unique things. I prefer items that extend beyond quality and have a lot of personality. Perhaps it has a sense of humor and a little quirk — a little whimsy goes a long way.
Favorite Shoe Style: High heels  

Least Favorite Shoe Style: Flip flops

What You Love to Wear: I'm always on the go and often times I have my two little ones in tow. Therefore, I like my outfits to be functional yet fashionable. I love to wear anything from maxi dresses, to shift dresses, to jeans. I accessorize every outfit with a beautiful and complementing Alma & Co. jewelry piece, along with a great pair of shoes. This summer, I love the practicality of shorts with a dressy top or jacket.

What is Work Appropriate/Your Typical Workplace Attire: Right now almost anything goes, we're very casual. For summer, I like a maxi dress or pants with a cute top.

Do You Like to Accessorize (Jewelry, Scarves, etc.)? Of course! Statement necklaces are my favorite. Right now my favorite accessory is an awesome handbag I found at a small boutique, paired with our colorful Calypso necklace.

Style/Fashion Tips and/or Advice: Knowing your body and making note of what works for you and what doesn't, is key. Find well-tailored pieces and incorporate color through accessories to create a more exciting look.


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