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Shop. Sell. Learn. Share. . . Reimagine good(s).

Kuttlefish is an online marketplace and community designed to show that materials are worth something, even after they are thrown “away.” It does this through YOU: your creativity ... your ability ... your aspiration ... your inspiration ... and your desire to make the world a better place. It does this through your sharing, your entrepreneurship, and your shopping choices.

Kuttlefish’s marketplace offers a platform for artisans to sell products made with recycled content, and for eco-conscious buyers to find those products. More and more, people want their dollars to do social good. And nothing is more recognized as “doing good” than products that satisfy Kuttlefish’s Materials Origin Promise. Whether shopping for oneself or for a gift, buyers can find high quality goods that make a difference on Kuttlefish.

In addition to the marketplace, Kuttlefish’s idea sharing provides inspiration for sellers, makers, crafters, and doers. Thousands of reuse, recycling and upcycling ideas scroll before your eyes. It’s simple for you to share ideas you find on the internet or upload your own projects. Just sign in and click "share" from our homepage.

There are many other ways to connect with people in the Kuttlefish community: discuss topics on the message board forum, favorite or comment on ideas and products, follow people posting those ideas and products, and click the “I Can” button if you think you have what it takes to recreate an idea and make it better.

So come join us, spread the word, and reimagine good(s).

A Global Company

Kuttlefish's roots took hold in 1995 when our founder, Ian Moise, joined the Peace Corps and immersed himself in a new culture for the first time in the Republic of Congo (Congo-Brazzaville). Not only was he impressed with the utilitarian mindset of Africans (every can, piece of rubber, metal, and cloth was being used), but he was shocked at the potential western businesses were missing out on. There were inner tubes being made into bungee straps, fallen trees being whittled by old men into toothpicks, metal of every kind being hammered and molded into small stoves, and little kids making cars out of bamboo that Tonka or Caterpillar would be proud of. Moise even got into the game by turning his oatmeal can into a hand washing device. It quickly became clear to him that value was in the eye of the beholder.

We recognize there are simple solutions to reduce "waste" being practiced in many countries or regions of the world that never reach other areas. We hope that this forum will allow creative reuse solutions to cross borders. We welcome everyone around the world to come share their creative work and ideas, buy and sell sustainable products, and reimagine good(s).

Our Name

Cuttlefish, known to be some of the most intelligent sea creatures, are often referred to as “chameleons of the sea” because they are able to change color, shape and texture. Kuttlefish represents the ideas of change and adaptation, through the practice of recycling and upcycling. The materials are the same but the form is new, and the “cuttlefish” survives.

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