Stylin' & Profiling: Tiffany Louise//Life Coach

Name: Tiffany Louise

Profession: Life Coach / Therapist

Favorite Color: Blue: specifically ocean blue and sky blue, you know those make-you-feel-good-to-be-alive blues? Those are my fav

Least Favorite Color: Burnt Orange

Style Description: Classic and body conscious

Style Icon: Blake Lively

Favorite Designers/Brands: BCBG, Spiritual Gangster, Joe’s Jeans for denim. Dream designer to wear is definitely Michael Costello

Least Favorite Designers/Brands: If I don’t have anything nice to say, I just won’t say it at all ;)

Favorite Shoe Style: Nude heels…always, always, always. I think they are the best look for elongating legs. Also, I’ve recently become obsessed with hi top sneakers. I never thought they’d come back. I dig it. I recently got two pairs from Aldo and people stop me everywhere I go asking where they are from.

Least Favorite Shoe Style: Most dress flats. I don’t find them to be comfortable or flattering, and as I am constantly hustling all over the city, comfort has become really important to me. I just wear Vans instead and pretend they are professional at the office ;)

What You Love to Wear: I loooove high waisted pencil skirts, and this past Spring and Summer I paired them with a lot of crop tops. I am also a big fan of leggings, heels or boots, a tank and a leather jacket or blazer. That look is so easy to transition from the office to events after work. But, when I am not dressed for the office, or out and about, I am constantly in yoga/workout gear. I am digging the new high-wasted yoga pants that are everywhere now. The ones by 90 Degree by Reflex are the perfect waist length for me! They are so much more flattering than the lower ones.

What You Hate to Wear: Uncomfortable clothing. According to my mom I have always been this way. If it is itchy or rough it isn’t going to happen!!

What You are Afraid to Wear? Nothing. I love that I can answer that way!

What is Work Appropriate/Your Typical Workplace Attire: I wear a lot of work appropriate leggings with blazers and jackets, high waisted skirts, and dresses, depending on if I am working in my private practice and seeing clients in my office or skyping. I get cold a lot so I tend to wrap myself in the same oversized shawl that resembles a large blanket by the end of the day. haha

Do You Like to Accessorize (Jewelry, Scarves, etc.)? I tend to keep it simple. I like studs for earrings, and a bigger statement piece style watch. I wear a lot of bracelets that have meaning to me from my friends and family. I wear a mustard seed bracelet from my mom every day. Reminds me to keep the faith.

Favorite Stores/Boutiques: I have really grown to love Akira. I find some really great pencil skirts, basic tees, and other staples there, and it is so affordable..

Style/Fashion Tips and/or Advice: When I am coaching clients around body image and self-love, we have a lot of conversations about how to make health and wellness a part of their daily life. I believe confidence in your personal style truly is about living healthfully and soulfully, which will shine through no matter what you are wearing.

I take care of my body and therefore it is not something that I think about on the regular. My clothes always fit, and I generally feel like my healthiest self. This wasn’t always the case. But creating and prioritizing a healthy lifestyle allows me to focus on the things that matter more to me, like showing up and using my voice in this lifetime to spread healing, light, and love. When we are obsessing about our bodies and not feeling our best, that is when we as women are not living our fullest lives. We are not in the moment because we are in our heads beating ourselves up over our appearance. My motto is: think about it, prioritize health, and take exceptional care of yourself. Then you can feel your best, forget about it, and go on and live your life.

Healthy is the best style there is.

Stylish Aspirations: My mom. Her face has aged so beautifully that a lot of people say she looks 10-15 years younger than she is. I believe it is because she lives such a healthy, faith-filled life. I am hoping to follow in her footsteps.


     Follow her on Instagram:    Tiffany.Louise


Follow her on Instagram: Tiffany.Louise

Stay Stylish Chicago,