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 Facial Peel    

I love a good facial peel, but one you can do at home? Heck yeah! This one is particularly great because it provides a cool feel on my skin when applied so on days when my skin needs a little more lovin' this is my go-to. I love how it not only gives my skin a glow and new life, but it is exfoliating as well!

(1.7 fluid ounces)
* Exfoliates dead skin damaged by pollution, blemishes, stress, and oxidation, to reveal the soft, fresh skin below
* Reveals a new elasticity and texture leaving skin feeling smoother, firmer, and more youthful
* Unique ability to attract moisture and stimulate healthy collagen production, even in dry or sun damaged skin
* Improves skin's texture and tone, skin will continue to improve as you stimulate collagen growth

Recovery Day Cream

This cream is a dream come true after I cleanse my skin! Especially since this winter weather doesn't seem to be going away, it makes my skin plump up, diminish fine lines, and keeps my skin hydrated all day long.

(1.7 fluid ounces)

* A highly-concentrated cream infused with actual, precious 24-karat gold
* Supports your skin's natural collagen production, which helps it appear younger, healthier, and more beautiful
* Melts away fine lines and wrinkles
* Infused with green tea to protect your skin from sun damage while reducing inflammation and building collagen


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D’OR 24K is a Miami based ultra-premium skin care retailer serving discerning consumers worldwide. We understand our customers’ need for quality skin care products and we strive to bring them the best the skincare world has to offer. We hand select every ingredient that goes into our products to ensure they offer effective, reliable results our customers can depend on.

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From our daily use, eye care and anti-aging products, to our collagen collection, Gold Facial Mask and more, D’OR 24K has all of your skin care needs covered. Our quality and selection will bring you in and our service and dedication will keep you coming back for more. Our goal is to make every customer, a customer for life.

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