Crop Toppin' in Nudy Patooty

 Their Brand Story

The idea for Nudy Patooty came when I was working in the financial markets and would spend around $200 each month just to dry clean my suits, dresses and blouses.  I would even avoid wearing some of my favourite peices because I didn’t want to wear them out too quickly, and of course, I worried about getting embarrassing and damaging underarm stains.

When I looked for a practical and comfortable solution, I found there was nothing on the market and thats when I created a solution myself.

Nudy Patooty is an innovative line of undergarments that fit invisibly under your clothes to protect them, make them last longer, and the bonus is they also help regulate your body temperature.

The Doctor Oz show listed women’s most embarrassing health problems and guess what topped the list? excessive perspiration. Not because it’s the most serious medical problem but because it’s such a common nuisance. 

Their Promise

Is to deliver high quality, comfortable undergarments that inspire you to live a better life by feeling confident in your clothes every day. We use premium fabrics and develop functional designs to ensure your base layer feels better than wearing nothing.  

Their Goal

Is to save you time and money. Dry-cleaning is time consuming and expensive, not to mention hard on your clothes. Perspiration and antiperspirant stains are embarrassing and permanently damaging to your clothes. Our undershirts are designed with your needs in mind; to protect and extend the life of your clothes and save you money.

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