A Little Pop of Diya

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                                            WHO WE ARE

The company was founded by Soumyanetra "Diya" Mondal, an Indian native whose family has deep knowledge of quality textiles/craftsmanship, and Ricardo, an American native who left behind his corporate career. It all started when Soumyanetra was finishing her studies in Paris and her mother came to visit. Dressed in fine and vibrant Indian textiles, her mother’s garments attracted attention from the French who constantly pulled them aside to compliment her. It was at this moment that Soumyanetra realized that she had something really unique to offer the world! After hearing her story and seeing the products, her close friend Ricardo came on board to help and assembled a team to create Diya. 

                                          WHO WE SERVE

 We ship free to anywhere in the United States are currently online and at local trade shows/markets in the Chicago area. For international orders, contact us!

                                       WHAT WE BELIEVE

Scarves are not just an accessory to us, they are a way to transmit culture and tradition through style. When we find a product we love, we only offer a limited quantity to stay exclusive. But most of all, we want you to know that when you purchase something from us it will only be the best quality.

                                               WHY US? 

 We spent months seeing what's out there and it wasn't pretty. From mainstream chains to luxury retailers, we looked at it all. After being disappointed by the cheap quality, same old designs, or the high prices of some products we made it a mission to not only sell products we were proud of, but were affordable! To make this possible, Soumyanetra (Co-Founder) travelled all throughout India from Punjab to Rajasthan to Delhi sourcing the absolute best products. She personally meets the artisans who make our stunning products and ensures everything is up to our standard of quality. And trust us, what we found are not your typical Indian products. We know that once you see and feel the difference in person, you won't regret giving us a try. 

Fair Trade

 Sustainability is something that we value deeply. Before starting Diya, Soumyanetra studied environmental ethics and was even part of the United Nations in the Environmental Cooperation and Peace building division where she helped give insight on sustainable management. Thus, we always strive to implement fair trade principles and partner with charitable organizations to give back to the communities who make Diya possible. 

                                              Our Philosophy

Inspired by Parisian sophistication and Indian eccentricity, our scarves make heads turn! Travel the globe with our exotic prints, bold colors, and unique designs. Every artisan crafted product you buy is not only one of a kind, but made with the highest quality textiles in the world! More than anything, we are dedicated to making our products affordable! So whether you're a girl on a budget or part of the royal family, we have something for you!  

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Stay Stylish Chicago,