Sparkling in Chinelas

                                        About Chinelas

Do you love shoes? Do you love to travel? Well, hey! So do we! SO much in fact, that we built our entire brand based on these two passions. Each and every delightfully comfortable pair of Chinelas is inspired by traditional footwear from around the world. Of course, we polished a few edges and blended in some new technologies to make what you’ll surely soon be calling your favorite and most comfortable slip-on slip-off shoes that your feet have ever had the pleasure of donning.

Created by Chicago-based designer Christine Picerno, Chinelas is named after the Argentinian word for house shoes. Christine recalls, “As with most Argentinean families, growing up my mother would cringe when my grandmother would wear her chinelas out in public. These early childhood memories inspired me to design our versatile footwear line which brings equal parts comfort and style to shoes you can wear around the house or run around in all day.

Rooted in Chicago with partners around the world, Chinelas is bringing you top-quality style and comfort in a variety of unique design styles. No matter the level of adventure—or chill—that you’re in for, Chinelas will keep you looking and feeling great.

Simply put, Chinelas are shoes for adventurous soles.


Stay Stylish Chicago,