Interview with Sébastien Tardif, Co-founder & CEO for Veil Cosmetics
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  1. How did you get started in the beauty industry? It’s a happy combination that changed the course of my life completely. Upon obtaining my BFA with a major in Studio Arts, the human face as my main source of painting inspiration, I was just as enthralled by fashion shows and fashion magazines. Then it just dawned on me literally like a lightning bold: painting portraits + fashion = makeup artist. I never looked back and that 20 years ago.

2. What makes your powderless mattifier stand out from the primers out there in the makeup world right now? AutoMatte is my updated version of the powder compact. As a makeup artist I have never been a fan of powder as it leaves all sorts of traces, it accentuates fine lines, wrinkles, peach fuzz and it never looks great in a beauty close-ups (ask any photographer/retouch artist). I wanted a nice base that was soft enough to be applied with a dry sponge, fingers or a flat brush, that would not only take excess shine away but also manage oil production as opposed to clogging pores. AutoMatte smoothes out skin texture and looks/feels completely invisible while doing good for the skin: contains a stable form of Vitamin C that promotes collagen synthesis and protection and contains vitamin E.  

3. Being a vegan myself, I really appreciate you making vegan and cruelty-free cosmetic products! What motivated you to ensure this product was made vegan? All of Veil Cosmetics are cruelty free and vegan and always will be so AutoMatte follows the natural course of action I set for my brand. I love animals so much especially birds, dogs and elephants.

4. What is your favorite part of your job? I get to dip in all the pots: product development, marketing, PR, sales, makeup artistry, social media, customer service… There is never a boring day!

5. Since you are a celeb makeup artist, which celebrity left you starstruck upon meeting or working with them? I can’t say starstruck but I was extremely excited to meet and do makeup for Deborah Harry (Blondie lead singer). She could not have been nicer.

6. Lastly, do you have a pro-tip you can share with our readers for at home makeup application? Try using AutoMatte as a lip primer prior to applying lipstick for an ultra smooth and plump look.


Stay Stylish & Beautiful Chicago,