So Clutch with Ilene King

Shin Wallet Clutch
Color: Bone with Snake
A classy leather clutch with snake print leather accents and playful tassels, the Shin Wallet Clutch is a must-have for your accessory collection. The inside is fully lined, including credit card slots and an interior zip pocket to house all your essentials in style.
Details: Handmade in US Color: Bone w/ Snake Material: Leather Hardware: Nickel Width: 13.5′′ Height: 7′′ Depth: 1′

                                       About Ilene King
Ilene King is a small, boutique design studio with big ideas driven by a love for creating high-quality unique handbags and accessories. Ilene King was founded by Laurie Ilene King in 2014 who started her journey by creating handbags and accessories for herself, her friends, and her family. The popularity of her work grew, and she began selling handmade accessories to local SoCal boutiques and then opened an online store.
Ilene King creates products that abide by 3 key pillars: innovative and original, handcrafted and sustainable, and quality and long-lasting. Ilene King is constantly developing new products in small, limited quantities called ‘micro-runs’ so that their customers can enjoy owning unique, one-of-kind products that few others have. Ilene King values handcrafted products and the fine art of craftsmanship so all products are handmade in the U.S. Finally, Ilene King believes that good quality is the most important virtue when it comes to fashion, so it’s reflected in the high-quality leather used for handbags and the gold and silver plating used for jewelry.
The Ilene King customer is the core of our business and all of the products are tailored to empower women to look and feel their best. The #IleneKingBabe expresses her individuality by dressing honestly and accessorizing with purpose. She surrounds herself with special, carefully curated pieces, because anything ordinary will not do. She’s rebellious at heart, yet conventional when necessary.
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