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                                                              About Privai

Results, integrity, and self-care are the three attributes important to Privai founders Christina Stratton and Ilana Alberico. After a chance meeting in 2005, Ilana and Christina joined forces and began their journey as Spa Developers, opening their first of many spas, Spatheology, in the heart of downtown Asheville, NC. Almost 10 years later, their spa consulting company, Innovative Spa Management, is one of the most sought after spa firms in the nation. With over 250 employees, 17 spa locations in the USA and growing, Ilana and Christina understand what women are needing and deserving in the hustle and bustle type of world we all live in; always taking care of others before themselves, being mothers, business women, wives, partners, care givers, friends and so much more. It was time to bring a skincare line to the industry that was "spa in a bottle". And with their expertise, they are doing just that.

Christina, a singer/songwriter turned skincare guru, was able to visit some of the most beautiful spas in the country while touring with her former girl pop group, i5. It was during that time she began to grow a fondness of the spa industry; the sense of peace, calmness, and relaxation the spa gave her was a refreshing change to the whirlwind of craziness that was the entertainment industry. Christina began learning about the spa industry and skincare, soaking up any and all information on natural ingredients, formulations, and application, while continuing her music career as a professional song writer in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Ilana, raised in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, came from a holistic household that relied on nothing but natural forms of medicine for healing: lavender treated their burns, eucalyptus rubs got rid of congestion, and tea tree, lemon, and orange were familiar scents to her from a young age. Growing up around these natural remedies paved the way for Ilana’s fascination of healing through massage and natural products as well as her successful career in the spa industry. 

Although Christina and Ilana came from two completely different worlds, their vision was the same: to create an accessible spa line for women that not only spoke to the core essence of mindful living, but that offered the healing benefits of botanically based ingredients as well. With the duo’s passion for natural skincare and knowledge of formulations and application, Privai was born.

“Ilana and I knew we wanted a skincare line that expanded beyond products. We wanted to simultaneously influence education, produce results for our guests and represent the power of inner beauty. With our vision its sharpest, we gathered a specialty team of botanists, chemists, estheticians and massage therapists and worked diligently to create something special… starting in the spa treatment room with our hands and our hearts.”

~Christina Stratton & Ilana Alberico

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