The 411 with Kristin Cavallari & Her New Book

On Wednesday, October 26th, fans and media alike gathered at Luxury Garage Sale in Old Town to meet and greet the stylish and beautiful Kristin Cavallari. We were lucky enough to chat with her about her new book and of course, her style must-have!


1. Congrats on Balancing in Heels! What inspired you to start writing this book?

Thanks! I wanted to share my journey of how I got where I am today and how I balance every area of my life. My life is far from perfect but I think happiness is a choice and we can do anything we put our minds to. 

2. What is the biggest challenge you face in your day-to-day trying to juggle life and career?

Just finding the time to do it all. There are some days I wish we had 40 hours in a day but other days, I feel as though I really accomplished a lot and got everything done that I needed to. It helps now that both of my boys are in school. 

3. We love a working mom (especially one with great style!) what is the your favorite part of motherhood?

I feel like I've really become the person I was supposed to be by becoming a mom. It's mellowed me out and made me have a real purpose here. I've really come into my own by becoming a mom. 

*Photo Credits for all Images:    K+B Photography

*Photo Credits for all Images: K+B Photography

4. With fall fashion in full swing, we are dying to know, what pieces are you coveting this season?

Over the knee boots! They are my absolute favorite and can easily go from day-to-night.

5. Lastly, as a fellow Chicagoan, what is your favorite restaurant to have a cheat day at?

There are a lot! Chicago has some of the best restaurants but if I had to pick one: Piccolo Sogno


Stay Stylish Chicago,