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London Berry Apparel

London Berry Apparel is a socially responsible apparel brand with strong ties in music, art and entertainment. We are Powered By The People and empower ideas that change the world. Whether it's a social cause, a strong mainstream movement in society or just the next big thing in entertainment; London Berry will provide a social platform for you the consumer to voice your thoughts by virtue of your clothing. We provide a subtle bridge that's socially visible and reliable. Start letting your clothing do more; allow them to be your voice.



Our main focus and goal is to be social responsible. We strive to develop and produce a high standard of apparel with great emphasis on quality and being green. We have forged a energetic relationship with Bella+Canvas to ensure that our consumers are wearing the best of the best when it comes to apparel. With this relationship we are confident that we can ensure a comfortable garment to each of our consumer; which in-return allows our brand to be seen in a fashionable and social-able sense in today's world.

We love to cater to the 3 C's: clients, customers and causes. Whether it's in the arena of music, art, entertainment or the community we look for you to share your ideas and movements with us. It's because of you the people that give us the power to make a different with our brand and apparel. We are POWERED BY THE PEOPLE... ideas that change the world!

Stay Stylish Chicago,