I Saw My Sign with Idakoos

Anyone who knows me knows that I love graphic tees, so when I found out about Idakoos it was perfect. I was able to pick my t-shirt style that I wanted, colors, and the graphic I liked to put all on one top. I liked the edginess of the bar code and I am a Taurus so I thought it was super cute!

Make your perfect top here: www.idakoos.com


About Idakoos

Idakoos is one of the biggest personalized products online stores in the world. Thanks to our years of experience the sale and distribution of millions of products, we have thousands of buyers all over that world that choose us to create their t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, acrylic signs and other products to show what they feel and believe or to represent their interests and their passions. With only a few clicks you can add a touch of you to any of our more than 3 billion products. Products designed with you in mind. We don’t have finished products, which is why each product ordered by you is unique and made specially for you. A large variety of products is just waiting for you to place your order to be printed on. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, as you can receive that unique product with your personal touch in every country in this world. Since each order is unique we ensure that all of our clients receive only the best and most thorough customer service possible. Our team of customer service agents is here to help during each step of the process as well as after completing your order.

Stay Stylish Chicago,