Spiky Statement // Mikah

Who is Mikah?

Mikah Fashion is a brand of Italian leather handbags and unique fashion statement jewelry.

Wearable Art

Mikah's line of fashion jewelry is designed in Italy by artists who are known for their creative talents. Nearly all of their styles are handmade with 100% recycled aluminum, which is an extremely light material; therefore, even very bulky and large pieces are light and comfortable. Mikah’s unique line is “Wearable Art” and will surely have people asking you: "Where did you get that?" Most of the jewelry comes packed in a unique frame for display and fun gift giving. Check out their products on their site www.mikahbags.com.

Italian Leather Handbags

Mikah has something for everyone, its unique collections combining modern influences with old-world craftsmanship. Mikah carries gorgeous, genuine leather purses and bags in an exciting array of colors; available with contemporary features such as: convertible straps, anti-theft compartments, and spots for keys, phones, and tablets. Mikah leather bags offer the perfect pairing of function and sophistication for everyday wear. Wherever you go, an Italian leather handbag from Mikah makes an impression as unforgettable as you!

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