Getting Artsy with Threadless

I wore the "Watering (a life into itself)" hoodie with a pair of teal cropped pants with a navy tank tucked into them. I finished the look with a pair of grey heels, yes heels! This is a fun, dressed up option to a usually very casual look.

The other piece I styled was the "Alpine Seduction" raglan top.  I paired this with a long black tank top underneath along with a pair of leggings and black sneaker wedges. Another way to wear this is with skinny jeans and a pair of black pumps.

About Threadless

"Everything we do gives you, and all the creative minds in the world, more opportunities to make great art. We started printing on t-shirts and then we realized tons of products make great canvases. We seek out these canvases, so you can continue to make and pick the best art. The weird art. The geeky art. The beautiful art. And every time you buy from us, you're supporting great art too.

We love helping art unknowns become art totally-knowns, which is why every single one of our products carries an artist's name. We support our artist community in every way possible, whether it be through our our annual creative awards, our commission-based award system, or simply by tweeting their name to the world. Lots of our artists have even gone on to start their own companies, and we believe that's a success.

We're based in Chicago and have been since we opened our doors in 2000, and we couldn't love our hometown more".

Stay Stylish Chicago,